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In real estate, as in many other fields, history buffs number in the tens and even hundreds. And in Montreal, we have the great opportunity to witness – no, to make history. In recent visits, I observed that many buyers had a vivid interest in the history of a desired property. In coming months, I will try to make a brief, but interesting, review of the past, to trace the history of several legendary buildings.

An exceptional luxury property in the Old Montreal......"Patricia Lallier"

The Caverhill Block

Built in 1865-1866, the Caverhill Block groups three adjacent buildings that originally housed the Crathern & Caverhill company¸ a warehouse store specializing in tools and hardware. Following the death of the brothers John and Thomas Caverhill, in 1882, and the subsequent retirement of Crathern in 1897, the Caverhill sons took over, in partnership with J.B. Learmont and T.H. Newman. The Caverhill Learmont Wholesale Hardware company was founded. 150 years later, part of the complex is still occupied by the company, whose initial corporate identification can still be seen, painted on the north side facing Notre-Dame Street.

Designed by the architects Cyrus Pole Thomas and William Tutin Thomas, the complex has five storeys and received a major renovation in 2001.At the time of its construction, grey stone (limestone) was abundant below the unconsolidated deposits of Montreal Island and Île Jésus (Laval). The widespread use of grey stone is no surprise: high crystallinity made it relatively easy to carve.

For fifteen years, the building located at 455 St-Pierre Street has housed 40 condominium units, on the four upper floors. We're happy and fortunate to number one of those units among our listings: unit #180. You can consult its presentation in our section titled OUR PROPERTIES. But to give you a taste, here is a photo taken of the dining room and showing the charm of the beautiful stonework and most inviting décor. We hope to meet you and present this architectural gem to you.



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455 St Pierre Montréal P.Qué


In recent years, Place d'Youville was the theatre of major archeological digs. Located between Saint-Pierre and McGill streets, in front of the first fire station, which today houses the Centre d'histoire de Montréal, Place d'Youville constitutes the inaugural site of Ville-Marie. Fort Ville-Marie was built there at first, and Château de Callière a...
Vivre inspirée

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