The uniqueness of Old Montreal creates value!

The value of property lies mainly in its rarity, a recognized and basic economic tenet. In real estate, the distinctive character of a building, its structure, sometimes exclusive look, make itstand out from others. In some neighborhoods, unfortunately, the focus is put on new construction to invigorate the local economy. The similarity of the constructions that follows does not give the units available on the market this rarity that will bring them stand out.

In Old Montreal, we have the chance to enjoy this rarity, this exclusivity. In fact, nowhere else in the Montreal area can we enjoy such a unique and diverse architecture. Many of the buildings housing condominiums were first used as warehouses or factories. Structure and history give them a unique character, a priceless advantage in the market.

Potential buyers are inevitably attracted to the uniqueness. However, taking advantage of information technology, they often simply make virtual tours. They do not have a clear idea of the living environment, commercial environment, access to transportation, and many other aspects that make a property differs. So, we must get them to see what the Old Montreal offers them, discover the area, its wealth, the surprising history of its buildings. Because, from my point of view, nothing beats a real visit to acknowledge this rarity.

The historic district is one definition in itself. Its animated life, the marriage of history and contemporary design, and its accessibility make it a much sought after area. Living in Old Montreal is sharing a part of this story, a unique lifestyle! Come and discover all its richness and make it your next living environment.

Patricia Lallier 

Montreal Real Estate Agent | Sotheby's International Realty 


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Sunday, 24 September 2023