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IMMOBILER @ Montreal has been booming for many years. The growth in housing needs is an undisputed reality. Interest rates and employment go hand in hand. If some households can afford the purchase of real estate, it is a reliable investment. Stones, as the Europeans say, is solid. Moreover, all great fortunes undoubtedly have a real estate portfolio. So if you do not have real estate in your portfolio, then you have to fix it. No matter how big your acquisition, the first purchase is your lever for the future. For luxury properties, it's a rarity. Why ? This is explained by the fact that most real estate projects launched in large numbers are largely small units, which are 400 square feet @ 900 square feet. Sometimes there are some that are offered on an area of ​​1000 and more, but in all of my observation, it is the small units that are found in large numbers. The high-end buildings, which are classified as very high-end, are currently the Four Season and some remaining units at the Ritz. The area is 2,000 square feet or more and the lowest asking and selling price is $ 4 million Canadian. Of course, it would be more dynamic for the demand and the needs of people who can afford it. Besides, the architecture and the urban decor would be better. The architecture of recent years, say the last 15 years have been rather out of inspiration and innovation. People who have the means to afford such properties, research the visual quality and the interior quality of their daily comfort. The services are important, of course, but the site and the architecture are just as important, as refined people recognize the importance of beauty and chic.

The Golden Square Miles is a very good example of its time, Old Montreal and Westmount. These are neighborhoods that have improved with age and we are very proud. An architecture that speaks for itself and spends time with its history. What's more beautiful than it is beautiful sturdy stone buildings or the beautiful Scottish bricks of the Golden Miles End make majestic and full of splendor buildings that we do not really find today in the new construction. But there are some exceptions. It is a pleasure to look at all the details and pride of these buildings and that their architects of yesteryear had to draw with so much passion creating a beautiful time. The history of our Montreal architecture is part of the present and I wonder if our present development will go down in history in the future? This is a good question to ask. To conclude, if you are looking for beautiful little architectural jewels of the time, I can guide you.

Patricia Lallier 

Realestate broker Montreal 


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Friday, 08 December 2023