In the real estate business, as well of many other sectors, we can find history lovers by tens, even hundreds. In Montreal, we have the great opportunity to welcome, no, to make history. Recent visits allowed me to notice that many buyers seem very interested by the history of the building in which they would like to live. In the next months, I will present a brief, but interesting return to the past to retrace these legendary buildings history.

455 St Pierre #180

Historic building nineteen century.

Caverhill Block

Built in 1865-1866, the Caverhill Block gathers three adjacent buildings in which, originally, the Cratern& Caverhill Society, a warehouse store specialized in hardware in tooling. When John and Thomas Caverhill died, in 1882, followed by Crathern's retirement in 1897, the Caverhill sons took over, associated with J. B. Learmont and T. H. Newman. The Caverhill Learmont Wholesale Hardware Company was born. 150 years later, a part of the complex is still occupied by the company, which painted corporate name can still be seen, on the northern wall, leading to Notre-Dame Street.

Design by architects Cyrus Pole Thomas and William Tutin Thomas, the buildings stand on four floors and were fully renovated in 2001, the year a fifth floor appeared to accommodate penthouses, Worthing more than 1 million dollars today. At its construction time, limestone sources were plentiful underneath superficial deposits on the Montreal Island and Jesus Island (Laval). Therefore, it's not surprising we made such use of it. Its high crystallinity made it easier to work.

For over 15 years, the 455 St-Pierre Street building hosts 40 condominiums, on the four upper floors. We are happy and proud to have this listings : unit #180 . You can consult  respective data sheet on our Website, in our section OUR PROPRETIES.

It will be a pleasure to show you this property because we are architecture lover.

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Open concept dining room

​All renovated

Outstanding bathroom

Renovated with a hight standard